Trò chơi [Game] FRAGGER by G.L

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    Fragger is a fairly simple game with not too many complications to begin with. Based on the basic concept of point and throw games like Angry Birds, Fragger is nearly as much engaging and comes with lot more levels that you can gradually play to unlock. Optionally, there are added bonus in every level that you can focus on which enables you to earn more stars. The more stars you earn, the more points you pile and this gives you the added ability to buy in app contents from the store.The story of Fragger is somewhat blurry, rather should I say it does not offer any storyline to begin with. You are apparently meant to kill everyone with the grenades that you have. It is unclear as to why you are supposed to do it anyway.

    The game play focuses on two simple things – the power with which you throw the grenades and the angle you throw them at. Your target is to kill everyone present in the game (literally) with the least amount of grenades thrown per level. As you pass each level you start to see some barriers, walls, trenches etc where there are people hiding in who you are supposed to kill. Unlike most grenades, your grenade will not detonate with a remote control trigger or timer, rather it will only detonate when your grenade comes to a complete halt. To be honest, the game is extremely simple but this is what defines the fun part of the game you will enjoy.

    I have noticed an occasional stall during the throw when holding the grenade for too long but that only happened once and cannot be hold against it after hours of non-stop game play.


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